Mt. Wakakusa

Wakakusa-nabe(trademark registration)

Wakakusa-nabe(Nabe cuisine)

Wakakusa-nabe as a specialty dish of Edosan, It will be served from October to March.

Because form to dish up ingredients thickly
in lacquered container resembled Mt. Wakakusa,
it called "Wakakusa-nabe" .

Japanese famous novelist, Naoya Shiga are godparents.

After that, Wakakusa-nabe was presented to Emperor Showa.

It was Issei Miyake of the designer to have written the article
about Wakakusa-nabe to French ELLE .
As "Japanese version of bouillabaisse which Japanese Emperor had "

Nabe cuisine

Nabe cuisine is commonly enjoyed among close friends
and membersof the family.
Everyone sits around the pot(nabe) and helps himself.

After the contents of the hot pot have been eaten,
we add rice and make Zosui (a kind of porridge of rice).

We cook Wakakusa-nabe in charcoal at your room.

Course of the dish(Wakakusa-nabe)

* 2 -3 small dishes
* Wakakusa-nabe
* Zosui (a kind of porridge of rice)
* pickles, and dessert

Nabe(pan) is maine dish.
If you want to enjoy various cuisine, we recommend kaiseki course.


limited-time-only (October-March)

Ingredients of Wakakusa-nabe

Ise lobster, Sea bream, flathead,
daggertooth pike conger, chicken,
gelatin noodles, spinach,
Yuba(bean-curd skin), ginkgo nut,
etc.(16 kinds)

It may be a little different.